Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Borrow money to make money doing business

LI Cheng-Shang Hai struggle over 10 years, quite a number of shopping experience, business What type of product, have keen business insight, to go in front of others. Recently, he expected a project through the media, is a new festive supplies - Liqing flower. With the development, enhanced awareness of environmental protection, and the cities of the country most prohibit discharge of fireworks. The Li-Qing flower just to a large extent make up for gaps in the market, it is non-toxic pollution, no explosion source, health environmental protection, use and operation of safe and convenient storage, there is great market potential and prospects.

By domestic manufacturers to the home flower Investigation contrast, Li Cheng chose a flower company in Fujian, that a reasonable construction of its products, price range, excellent quality. His high-level contacts with the factory, that their business ideas and plans are relatively sound and mature markets. With his personality and shopping experience, he chose the province-level agent, required by plant conditions, agents deposit 100,000 yuan, annual sales of 200 million yuan. As do the normal way, agency bonds with the first volume of purchases (no limit), all pre-promotion, wages, office expenses, initial investment is not a 200 thousand yuan Nabuxialai. Spend the least money, take the smallest risk, do the largest business, the most money. Joseph S. Lee deserves to be shopping veteran. After some analysis, he first signed a general agent, deposit 2,400 yuan, plus purchase more than 4000 yuan. So holding a copy of the relevant certificate of some manufacturers, began his "chicken-by" program.

To slightly change the original office, set a fine product display cabinets, to "aid agency the right to" brand on the display cabinets of the most visible places. At the door had a sign: XX XX Liqing, flower, Ltd. Branch (of course a matter for the time being served kept it listed the factory). The next step is advertising investment, he opted for the local evening newspaper with the largest circulation and cable stations for the media, issuing investment information: Wanted counties and cities in the exclusive agents. He also practices in the light of plant investment, the development of a quota for each county, according to city and county specific city size and economic conditions, charging the agency from 3000 to 100,000,000 yuan deposit, as well as annual sales target from 30,000 to 100,000 yuan in limit. He also developed different conditions with manufacturers, the first volume of purchases may be set for the 3000-5000 range. Everything their equipment, only to talk business customers such as a home.

All as he expected in the development of the day ringing phone, the customer door overwhelmed. He asked an assistant to help came barely cope. Start each negotiated an agent, always delayed a few days supply, because he only had a few thousand dollars into goods, only to the factory immediately replenishment. Later developments see quite well, but do have a large collection of agents each agent deposits and loans, he, more than 10 million of merchandise, while the province's general agent for manufacturers to make an appointment, and advance the 10,000 yuan deposit. Factory to see his "sell" quite well, naturally willing to keep a market.

LI Cheng-size cities and counties where more than 90 provinces. Less than 3 months, he signed 51 copies of agency contracts, to accounting, agency margin 16.5 million, sales of loans up to 287,000 yuan. This first batch of purchases profit reached 18,000 yuan, annual sales of more than 200 million has been set properly. Time is ripe, Li Cheng immediately returned to the factory agent contract the province signed. Then he made up on the well-thought-of.

The remaining job is to help sub-agents to do a good job marketing and after-sales service. He provided a set of marketing in accordance with the factory program, coupled with their innovative, done handy. This year, the net earned him more than 30 million, while his initial investment was less than 20,000 yuan. This approach is entirely his subordinate agents make money by his decision agent money. This is called: skillfully deflected, by chicken-, to borrow money to do business.

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