Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contact Home Linkist then the new tactics: to provide professional exhibition space

Recently, with hundreds of thousands of business people to contact the home contacts site Linkist more than in the dormant after the introduction of "professional personal exhibition space", for business people to provide a very professional display of live venues.

Linkist ago, many people do their own personal website. But need to know html to do a site should also prepare detailed materials, know how to plan, daily busy business people are often discouraged. Please specialized companies to do business web site it, then do the difficult problem facing the promotion.

Linkist contact the family to provide timely "personal exhibition space", using the convenient Add / management, so do not understand Web site produced by busy business people can also make a colorful page. I tried to follow the instructions to do a lap, hey, do not have a few minutes, add a few links, a fresh professional image it immediately!

For a Linkist personal space is very simple. Normal use as long as a member, you can apply for similar so easy to remember the personal domain. Domain application is successful, you can edit the contents of their own show.

I like the business people, your Blog is sure to be included in personal display inside. Add found, Linkist intimate provide an online RSS reading capabilities. This is just great, just normal Blog's RSS import, personal space immediately read the latest papers!

Try to love reading his news RSS link also import, hey, it shows. Really easy.

As to the writing of the manuscript throughout, scattered throughout the inconvenience in using RSS import, Linkist also provided hand-edit the text and hyperlinks, for taking the time to his recently made a few proud manuscript order, which can be considered under the broad masses of friends and Readers Yougejiaodai.

In addition to these show their expertise related to life functions related information, seeing their own personal space page, I was a bit surprised Linkist "additional services": the personal space and general information only to show their different, Linkist personal space This left all surprised to display the clock distribution. Obviously, this trick has highlighted the SNS (social networking) and general dating site different. Perhaps the author himself is not enough to make attractive, but if I have a lot of people who clock cycle an important figure in important industries, but also still very valuable.

Also see a member, probably business owners, we simply made his own personal space for the company's services provided, not bad.

Personal work information, and sometimes three to five years not change. But everyone's thinking, like all books, professional development, may change every week.

Long time no see friends, meet will be used: "How are you, how are things" to say hello. Linkist's personal space, apparently acted as the greet, talk to the latest features of recent developments and business opportunities.

According to relevant sources, update personal space for each member, Linkist will promptly notify his friends. Not linked to concern for a long time friend, simply open his personal space to see, you can know what he is doing, getting on well, what the two sides can discuss opportunities for cooperation. Linkist in providing connections to search, it provides such strong connections to emotional communication tool, so my friends can share their business opportunities and recent developments.

I use past experience in Linkist occasionally find someone, usually by people to find. The first concern of privacy, favor to occupy the names and companies, no one who ignores the result. Then learn to work more than fill a number of content areas of expertise, hobbies, and gradually continued to receive the information with other people understand.

Can be seen, the opportunities, often provided from the number of people searching to find their information. The author in his own personal space Linkist put a lot of small achievements accumulated over the past. As with awards, certificates, everywhere, at this time, these past experiences are the ability to support themselves.

Look Linkist personal space is an interesting display of useful things, see if it can become a rich business people show the best tool for the self.

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